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Why the Chiefs will succeed
Published Sun 24 February 2013 by Simon Wadsworth in Sports

It’s unusual for me to blog about sports (well actually it’s unusual for me to blog), but I thought I would give my opinion on why the Chiefs will be successful again this year in Super Rugby. I believe it’s to do with their attitude and culture within the team, as it is with all sports. The Chiefs work as a team, they feed off each other and provide opportunities for each other, working towards team glory, not personal glory. This is what will make them succeed.

If you consider in the 2011 season the Chiefs finished 10th, winning only a third of their games, to going onto winning the whole competition in 2012, something had to have changed within the team, and not just the coaches. This is why I believe the Chiefs can succeed. Their players play for each other and their fans, not themselves.



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