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New Zealand Prepaid Mobile data offerings
Published Mon 17 December 2012 by Simon Wadsworth in New Zealand

Recently there were quite a few posts on the NZNOG mailing list regarding mobile data options in New Zealand, especially for travelling and cost. I thought I would write a post regarding the different options and my opinions on them. I am specifically looking at packs marketed as “Prepaid Mobile ...

Using an OpenWRT router for 2degrees (Snap) IPv6
Published Sat 24 November 2012 by Simon Wadsworth in Linux

2degrees Broadband (previously Snap) offer IPv6 to all their residential customers, with the preferred method to use one of their CPEs the Fritzbox 7340 or the Fritzbox 7390. These devices come with a price premium, so I decided to look for a cheaper alternative with what I already have. I ...

Hurricane Electric DNS Hosting Service
Published Fri 23 November 2012 by Simon Wadsworth in Internet

I recently wanted to move my DNS from my web hosts cPanel managed system because I really dislike cPanel (they are soon moving to Plesk, but this provided the perfect option to seperate my services). I looked around for DNS hosting services and looked at Zonomi a New Zealand based ...

Reducing Web Server load using Amazon S3
Published Mon 11 July 2011 by Simon Wadsworth in Internet

Anyone who runs a website, will know that eventually a website will (hopefully) become so large, and popular that one server is simply not enough to host all the content or load that is thrown at it. A common method to reduce this is just to add more servers in ...

Limiting bandwidth on Apache
Published Wed 22 June 2011 by Simon Wadsworth in Internet

Now I don’t actually need to enforce data limits on my Apache virtual hosts, because I only host myself, so what I use is irrelevant, but I thought it would be interesting to find out how to do it. I know there are modules out there, but the one ...

Enabling IPv6 on a home network
Published Mon 13 June 2011 by Simon Wadsworth in Internet

IPv6 is the next generation internet protocol. Currently few ISPs provide it to the customers, and therefore uptake is slow. However if you wish to have access to the IPv6 world now then there are options. If you only have a single machine than a tunnel is fine, but however ...

World IPv6 Day
Published Sun 05 June 2011 by Simon Wadsworth in Internet

World IPv6 day is on June 8, 2011. World IPv6 Day is a day where several large organisations, such as Google, Facebook, Yahoo, Akamai etc will offer there content of IPv6 for a day. I’m ready for it, and so on June 8, I will be browsing these sites ...

Yahoo unlocks IMAP access
Published Mon 01 November 2010 by Simon Wadsworth in Internet

Up until recently it has been near impossible to access Yahoo IMAP through any client that wasn’t the Zimbra Client, or else a device like a Blackberry or Apple iPhone etc. Zimbra sends a special command to the Yahoo IMAP servers which authenticate it as an allowed client. I ...


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