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My change to KDE
Published Mon 08 August 2011 by Simon Wadsworth in Linux

About 6 or 7 years ago, I had a play around with a KDE based version of Linux. I hated it. I thought KDE was horrible.

But I didn’t really start using Linux for a couple more years. When I did again, I used Fedora, which of course is ...

Enabling IPv6 on a home network
Published Mon 13 June 2011 by Simon Wadsworth in Internet

IPv6 is the next generation internet protocol. Currently few ISPs provide it to the customers, and therefore uptake is slow. However if you wish to have access to the IPv6 world now then there are options. If you only have a single machine than a tunnel is fine, but however ...

Flickering Flash in Firefox on Ubuntu x86-64
Published Sun 22 May 2011 by Simon Wadsworth in Linux

I have been plagued by an issue in Firefox when using Flash on 64-bits of Ubuntu, from around version 10.10 This issue was whenever I visited a website that used Flash, the Flash content would flicker, with white spots all over the Flash content. This was very annoying as ...


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