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My change to KDE
Published Mon 08 August 2011 by Simon Wadsworth in Linux

About 6 or 7 years ago, I had a play around with a KDE based version of Linux. I hated it. I thought KDE was horrible.

But I didn’t really start using Linux for a couple more years. When I did again, I used Fedora, which of course is GNOME based, and found GNOME so easy to use, it quickly became my preference. None of this horrible KDE crap. Then came my eventual change to Ubuntu (partly because I was sick of having to change to root user to do things, where now I can just sudo, although at the same time having to type sudo all the time can be a pain, but that’s a discussion for a whole other post). But with the most recent version of Ubuntu, came Unity. And well what can I say. I hate Unity. I like the colour scheme, but the windowing system just annoys me. The sidebar just annoys me. So after using it for some time (a few months) I started looking at maybe using older versions of Linux, or even using a version I built myself. But in the end I changed to Kubuntu. I choose to use the premade version for numerous reasons. These include being too lazy to compile my own distro, and also the fact that previous experiences of installing KDE along side GNOME were less than pleasant. So now I have KDE and I love it!

Why I love it!

  • This may be part of Kubuntu and not of KDE, but my Windows shares just work
  • The lock screen is nicer
  • It natively supports window tiling
  • Konsole is amazing compared to gnome-terminal (it will be unstoppable once I install fish)
  • The settings are all in one place
  • So much more!



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